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This Summer’s Best Pool Noodles

If you’ve recently installed an inground or above ground pool, there’s much to consider before you dive in. Namely, pool toys. Whether you’re a lover of water aerobics, need a little extra help in the water, or just enjoy a good float, the perfect pool noodles can bring any pool party to the next level.

We scoured the web to find the best pool noodles for every circumstance. From making it happen on a budget to keeping a crowd entertained, here are our favorite pool noodles for the summer season.

Our Top Pool Noodle Picks…

For Pool Parties

From a high school graduation to your kid’s dream birthday celebration, a pool party is a longstanding classic. If you’re entertaining a crowd, it’s important to make sure you have enough pool toys to go around. Nothing ruins a great day like watching your elementary schooler’s fight over a pool noodle. Still, chances are you don’t want to splash out on the fanciest options available.

If you’re looking for a great bulk option, look no further. SwimWays Standard Pool Noodles come in packs of 35. That’s right, 35. At just over $50, you get more than enough noodles to last for summers to come. These noodles also offer an assortment of 5 vibrant colors, and are soft enough to be used in an impromptu joust.

The SwimWays Standard Pool Noodles stand at about 4 feet 5 inches, and are 2.3 inches in diameter. This makes them suitable options for children 5 and up.

For Fitness

Pool noodles aren’t just for kids. If you’ve ever been to a water aerobics class, chances are you’ve seen these being used for more than just floating around. Pool noodles provide just enough buoyancy to assist in a variety of water exercises. From swimming laps to learning to tread water, a little extra help never hurt anyone.

The best pool noodles for fitness purposes will be made of higher quality foam. They will be more durable, and can stand up to serious use. Often used in physical therapy, the right pool noodles can also be an assistive item outside of the pool.

We love the Fluid Aquatics Deluxe Pool Noodle. At just over $70, it’s a little pricey. However, the quality is apparent. Reviewers love the weight and feel, and report its impressive durability.

It should be noted that this pool noodle should be stored with care. This is to make sure that it lasts many pool seasons without breaking down. If you have more than one, ensure they are not touching. The silicone can cause these noodles to stick, potentially damaging the product.

For Two

Take a ride on a pool noodle built for two. When it comes to sharing a floatation device, bigger is often better. The Oodles Noodles Biggest Noodle is a whopping six feet long, and has a 5 inch diameter. This equals some serious floating potential, but it’s practicality extends beyond the pool.

Use this pool noodle to create safe edge bumpers, pad precious cargo, and even roll rugs for storage. Oodles of Noodles creates their pool noodles using high density polyurethane that stands up to wear and tear.

For The Kids

If you’re looking for a selection that will keep the kiddos happy, we’ve got you covered. Swimline Doodles inflatable pool noodles are the summer pool toy you didn’t know you needed. Not only do these pool noodles look more fun than the competition, but they store and travel far easier than traditional noodles.

Because they are inflatable, packing into your suitcase is a breeze. Simply deflate, fold, and inflate when ready to use. Swimline Doodles are six feet long, and come in a variety of fun shapes. Your kids will love floating around the pool on the squiggle. When the time old tradition of a pool-noodle-duel arises, the classic straight shape makes a great impromptu sword.

Enjoyment of this product isn’t limited to kids, however. Reviewers report that these pool noodles have great buoyancy and easily support weights of up to 200 pounds. If you’re looking for a great pool noodle for your next family vacation, a Swimline Doodle may just fit nicely in your suitcase.

For The Environment

As fun as pool noodles are, many eco-conscious pool goers may hesitate before investing. Nearly all pool noodles are made from plastic, and some don’t last more than a single season. Additionally, some selection may be made with some less than favorable chemicals. If you’re looking for a slightly more eco-friendly option, the AirHead Suncomfort Noodle could fit the bill.

The Suncomfort looks slightly different from the traditional pool noodle shape. It’s flatter construction is more reminiscent of a very narrow pool float than a traditional noodle. However, the company claims to make their products from an environmentally-friendly, PVC-free foam. This means you can rest easy knowing you’re not brushing your skin up against potentially toxic chemicals.

Reviewers also cite the unique shape as a perk. Some say it is more comfortable than traditional noodles, and others note that the flat shape makes it great for sitting and swimming alike.

For Lounging

If your perfect pool day is all about relaxation, then finding a pool noodle that supports those goals is key. The Poolmaster Inflatable Curved Swimming Noodle is specially designed for the pursuit of relaxation.

Like the Swimline Doodle, this noodle is made of inflatable vinyl rather than traditional form. This makes it great for travel, storage, and multi-season use. This model is 44 inches wide. At 6 inches in diameter, it is thicker than many of the other options on our list. This makes it especially supportive and great for weights of up to 300 pounds.

Whether you’re looking to conquer the lazy river, or are simply looking to soak up the sun in your own backyard, this is a great choice.

For The Price

Sometimes you just want a bargain. We can’t blame you. But not wanting to break the bank doesn’t mean you have to completely compromise quality. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable pool noodle in a classic style, Coast Athletic’s Famous Foam pool noodles are a perfect choice.

For only 13 dollars, you get four multi-colored pool noodles with a closed cell design. This makes them durable enough to get you through at least one summer of wear and tear. The hollow center makes rocketing water at friends easy.When swim season is over, find other uses for them throughout your home.

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