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The 10 Best Pool Toys of 2021

From the classic noodle and ring toss to underwater surfboards and inflatable loungers, there’s nothing better than a great set of pool toys. However, finding one that’s fun, safe for you and your kids, and won’t wear out after a few uses can be a challenge. If you’re looking to refresh your stock of pool toys, or are just wondering what else is out there, we can help. We put together a list of 2021’s best pool toys that kids and parents alike are sure to love.

Bring everything you love about a great game of ping pong into the pool with you. This floating table comes fully equipped with a sturdy floating base, paddles, and a miniaturized net. This model is built with a non-corrosive EPS base, and a ABS surface. This means it is resistant to the hot summer sun. Pull it out year after year, and challenge your kids or friends to a match. When you’re finished, simply store the parts in the compartment beneath the table.

No matter how old you get, water guns never lose their appeal. Take your squirt gun fight to the next level with these super charged foam blasters. This is a great option for families looking to have fun without breaking the bank. And at only $15.00 for a pack of 6, a day worth of fun is well within budget.

These foam blasters may not look too impressive, but their range cannot be argued with. Shooting water up to 35 feet, you should start working on your long game now.

No pool toy collection is complete without a great balance board. This model from poolmaster will have you feeling like a surfpro in no time. Made from super durable foam and resin, you’ll have this in your arsenal for years to come. Reviewers attest to its sturdiness, and claim it is effective for users well over $250 pounds.

Not the best at ping pong? Neither are we. Don’t worry, there’s options out there. Get everything you love about beach volleyball without ever hopping out of the pool. This Intex model inflates within seconds and provides everything you need for a volleyball throwdown. Intex solves the problem of a rogue net by offering customers grommets to secure the piece. Start working on your serve now!

If your favorite pool activity is diving for rings, we’ve got a worthy upgrade for you. This DIving Masters model offers a twist on the classic pool activity. Instead of diving for rings, challenge yourself to retrieve the treasure from inside of the chest.

This product comes with 39 coins, so multiple people can dive at once. Because any game with underwater swimming is inherently more risky, divers should be monitored by responsible parents. Diving Masters do not recommend diving games for children under 6 years. 

Why should humans have all the fun? Let your pooch join your pool party with the Milliard Inflatable Dog float. This float allows your dog to feel like part of the fun without the exertion of a constant doggy paddle.

This model can support dogs of up to 220 pounds, and is made from heavy duty, UV and puncture resistant vinyl. There’s even a way to keep Fido from floating off. Simply attach the included rope to the built in hook to keep your pup close.

When your furry friend isn’t floating along, this toy can actually be flipped over and used as a drink holder. Who doesn’t love versatility from their pool toys?

Take a yard game classic to the backyard pool. This floating cornhole model is great for backyard barbecues or keeping the kids busy. The BOOMART model comes with 2 floating boards, and 8 weighted bags.

At over three feet long, and nearly two feet wide, the boards are equipped with speed safety valves to assist with inflatable and disassembly. When the pool is not in use, these boards can still be used. SImply inflate and drop on the lawn to move the fun to dry land.

Why should kids have all the fun? Take ring toss to your grown up party with this inflatable beer pong table. This full size table includes a ten cup set up on either end, and 6 pong balls. Inflate and invite your college friends over for a day of fun in the sun. Just remember to drink responsibly. When you’re done, simply remove the cups and get ready for a relaxing victory float.

If you’ve got all the inflatables you need and are looking for something different, try out the Seckton Toys Remote Control Car. At around $40.00, this toy is a bit pricier than others on our list. Still, both you and your kids will love speeding around the pool deck and transitioning easily into the water. This RC car features a quickly rechargeable battery and a ABS plastic shell to make sure you can enjoy many long days of racing fun. 

No pool toy collection is complete without a great water pool. This model from Waboba can be tossed for hours through the air, or bouncing against the pool surface. Reviewers love this product's versatility, with some noting that their dog loves it just as much as their kid. For under $20.00, you get a pack of two making this an affordable way to enjoy a classic summertime pool toy.

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