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Ledge Lounger Tables —The Best Pool Furniture 2022

By this point we are pretty sure most of our readers are familiar with Ledge Lounger as a company. They are the overwhelmingly popular, if not pricey, choice for in-pool furniture. Best known for their chaise lounge and chairs, what you may not know is that their product line extends beyond seating options. Beyond seating, Ledge Lounger tables are a popular product for those looking to add functionality to their baja shelf or tanning ledge.

Let’s talk about a few Ledge Lounger tables available on their website, and a few poolside tables we love from other brands.

A coffee table you can put in the water? You bet. Ledge Lounger’s minimalistic design extends to their coffee table. Designed to be submerged in up to 10 inches of water, this square table can go from tanning shelf to pool deck easily.

This product was originally designed to be used with the brand’s sectional couch. However, your design is limited only by your imagination. The Ledge Lounger coffee table is perfect to surround with your other in-pool furniture to chat with friends over a drink or help the kids cool down while eating lunch. Like most of Ledge Loungers products, style doesn’t come cheap. The classic coffee table will have you shelling out $459.00. 

Need a place to put your book or your drink? The original Ledge Lounger side tables are designed to be the perfect height to place a beverage or anything else you need to keep dry next to your chair or chaise lounge.

Like the coffee table, the side tables can be submerged in up to 10 inches of water. Need more shade? Choose a model with an umbrella hole and escape the sun when necessary. You can add a standard side table to your pool set up for $299.00 per unit.

Not all tables need to be so simple. This Ledge Lounger design elevates the classic side table with some additional hidden functionality. Remove the top on this design to reveal a fully functional ice bucket. If you’re looking to take your pool parties to the next level, or simply just looking to keep your next drink cold and maximize your sunbathing time, this is a perfect choice. The ice bin tables are priced at $349.00.

Other Poolside Tables

Having a table for the inside of your pool is great, but the next best thing is great furniture for your pool deck. Here are a few affordable options available on Amazon that can bring style and functionality to your pool deck this summer. For best results, pair with any of our favorite poolside chaise lounges.

Before we jump into pool deck models, there is an in-pool table option readily available on Amazon. By the brand S.R. Smith, this in-pool table comes in a wide variety of colors and has generally good reviews. The model accommodates an umbrella, and the design is a departure from the standard Ledge Lounger shapes we are familiar with by now. Purchase on Amazon today.

Most of the items on this list don’t come cheap. Access a budget friendly option for next to the pool with this small side table, available for under $60 on Amazon. Great for propping up a drink or a book, the lid of this unit removes and becomes additional storage. We love the simple, sleek lines and wood-style resin material.

Keep things simple and stylish. This classic design is perfect for the pool deck. The steel metal construction makes it weather resistant and durable, and is finished with a rust resistant coating meaning it should be safe in the splash zone. Another budget friendly option, this table is available on Amazon for under $100

Finally, who said all tables need legs? Not us! Take in-pool furniture to the next level and make your pool table mobile! This deluxe floating serving table is 24 by 18 inches, meaning there’s plenty of room for snacks, drinks, book—you name it! Take your next charcuterie board out onto the water or simply keep your book safe while hanging out on your favorite pool float.

This table is made from an aluminum frame to increase durability and coated in virofibers to protect it from the water. When you’re finished using, simply dry off in the sun and pop into storage. Find it on Amazon for $250.

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