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How to Build a Catio in Your Backyard

Cat owners know how badly their furry friends want to go outside. Cats are curious creatures, and many pet owners desire to provide them with a safe and stimulating outdoor environment. However, letting your cat roam freely outdoors can expose them to various dangers and diseases. Not to mention, cats are notorious for decimating local bird populations. The solution? Build a "catio".

What is a catio? A “catio” (a creative merging of cat and patio) is a screened-in enclosure that allows your feline friend to experience the outdoors without the risks. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to build a catio in your backyard, ensuring your cat enjoys fresh air, sunshine, all while in a safe environment.

1: Planning Your Catio

Before you begin constructing your catio, it's essential to plan carefully. Here are some crucial considerations:

Location: Choose a suitable spot in your yard, preferably near a window your cat can access. Consider factors like sunlight, shade, and the view.

Size: Determine the size of your catio based on the number of cats you have and the available space. A larger space is more appropriate for homes with more than one cat.

Design: Decide on the catio's style (freestanding structure, window box, or attached to your house). Companies such as Catio Spaces offer free design plans. You can browse to find the right DIY catio plan for your backyard needs, as well as your available time and skill level.

Materials: Research the materials you'll need based on your catio's design and size. Common choices include wood, PVC, and galvanized steel.

2: Gather Supplies

Once you have a clear plan, gather the necessary supplies and tools:

Building materials: Purchase lumber, screws, nails, and the chosen screening material. Ensure they are of good quality and cat-safe.

Tools: You'll need basic tools like a saw, drill, measuring tape, level, and a staple gun for attaching the screening.

Safety equipment: Don't forget safety gear such as gloves and safety glasses.

Optional accessories: Consider cat-friendly amenities like shelves, perches, and climbing structures.

3: Building Your Catio

Now, let's get into the construction process:

Frame Construction: Build the frame of your catio using the chosen lumber. Ensure it's sturdy and level. The design should allow for a roof and walls.

Roofing: Attach a roof to your catio frame using weather-resistant material like polycarbonate panels or outdoor-grade plywood. This provides shade and protection from rain.

Walls and Screening: Enclose the sides of your catio with cat-safe screening material. Make sure it's securely attached to prevent escapes or intruders. Consider adding a door for easy access.

Access Points: If your catio is freestanding, create a cat door or tunnel from your house to the catio. If it's attached to your house, ensure there's a window or door through which your cat can enter.

4: Cat-Proofing

To make your structure truly feline-friendly, be sure to consider the following:

Cat-Proofing: Inspect the catio for any potential hazards. Ensure there are no sharp edges, exposed nails, or gaps in the screening that your cat could get stuck in.

Enrichment: Add shelves, perches, and climbing structures to keep your cat active and engaged. Consider placing cat-friendly plants like catnip or cat grass in pots.

Toys: Hang toys from the ceiling or attach them to the walls to stimulate play.

5: Maintenance and Care



Cats are pretty clean creatures, but they can still leave a mess behind. To make sure your catio stays looking great, maintenance and care is important. Be sure to clean the catio regularly, removing any debris or waste. Wash any screening to maintain visibility. If your cat likes to scratch or shred things they shouldn’t, wear and tear is not out of the question. Check for damage, and make repairs as needed.

Building a catio is a rewarding project that enhances your cat's quality of life while ensuring their safety. From bird watching to fresh air, you can create a backyard haven where your feline friend can experience the joys of the outdoors without the associated risks. So, gather your supplies, follow the steps outlined in this guide, and give your cat the gift of a safe and enriching outdoor environment. Your cat will thank you with purrs and contentment in their new catio paradise.

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