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Bird Buddy Bird Feeder–Reviews, what is it, and is it legit?

If you’re a bird-lover, then you probably have a few bird feeders in your backyard. And if you’ve ever wished that you could get a closer look at the feathered friends popping in and out of your outdoor living space, then you aren’t alone. A new product called the Bird Buddy Bird Feeder took this idea and ran with it all the way to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

But what is the Bird Buddy Feeder? And if you buy one, when can you expect to get it? And are there any Bird Buddy reviews that you can trust? Let’s get into it.

What is the Bird Buddy Bird Feeder?

Imagine you combine the simplicity of a bird feeder with the modern appeal and technology given to the Ring camera security system. If you’re envisioning a bird feeder with a motion sensor camera attached that you can view from your phone, then congrats, you’ve painted an accurate mental picture of the Bird Buddy Feeder.

The Bird Buddy is built around the idea that bird watching should be easy, fun, and accessible from anywhere. By attaching a high resolution camera to a sleek, modern bird feeder design, their team is envisioning a world where incredible birding photos can be taken completely remote. Whether you want to snap a picture of a seldom seen Cardinal while you’re on a beach vacation or, as the Kickstarter video suggests, capture candids of your feathered friends while on the toilet, the power is in your hands.

How does the Bird Buddy work?

The Bird Buddy has functionality that calls back to the now-popular remote doorbell security cameras such as Ring. A motion sensor begins recording when movement, in this case a perching bird, is detected. At the same time, you are sent a notification to your mobile device to view the activity.

Once your feed is open, you can snap live pictures of the birds you see, save them, and send through to family and friends.

What do we like about the Bird Buddy?

If the incredibly successful fundraising campaign says anything, it’s that there is certainly a shared interest in a device with this kind of functionality. From product videos and demos available online, here’s what we like about the actual product:

  1. Sleek, modern design.

  2. Waterproof.

  3. Simple and user-friendly concept.

  4. Functional accessories ie. Attachable solar roof panel, and wall mounts.

  5. Long battery life (10-30 days)

At first glance, this product doesn’t seem to have many cons, besides maybe the price, which ranges from $235 for their basic model, all the way up to $380 for the full bundle.

This explains why so many people are so enthusiastic to get their hands on one. But therein lies the problem…nobody actually has received their Bird Buddy. What? Yes. Let us explain.

Bird Buddy Bird Feeder Reviews and Shipping Timeline

Although many excited customers have placed orders for this product, you will soon find yourself asking, “Where are the Bird Buddy reviews?”. It only makes sense to check consumer opinion before you buy something new, but you’ll notice that there are no refutable reviews available online. This is because no one has actually gotten their hands on the product.

Eager and irritated customers alike have asked when their Bird Buddy bird feeder is going to ship. In the FAQ section of the Bird Buddy website, the team says:

“Bird Buddy is currently still in development, which is why it will take a little longer for the orders to arrive than it would if we were fully launched already. Pre-orders placed are set to arrive in September 2022.”

In other words, if you were hoping to do some summer bird watching this year, you’re going to be waiting a while. At the end of the day, we can’t give an official red or green light to this product. If you can’t stand to wait any longer to purchase, know that you will be spending money on something that is still in the works. If you don’t feel confident enough without seeing the reviews, then we suggest you wait until September.

Until then, there’s always the old fashioned binoculars, followed by blurry, zoomed-in smart phone photos.

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